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Health Education 

"Health Education instills the skills and knowledge necessary to enhance the health and wellness of self and others across the lifespan.  Drawing on knowledge and health issues from the biological, environmental, psychological, social, physical, and mental sciences, students are given the opportunity to apply essential skills to reduce health risks and promote wellness."


Health Education Faculty by Building

Sachem East High School

  • Gregory Bosch
  • Siobhan Carey
  • Nicholas Fierro


Sachem North High School

  • Gregory Bosch
  • Danielle Gresalfi
  • Kristen Maccarone


Sagamore Middle School

  • Sean Cully (Chairperson)
  • Colleen Cosgro


Seneca Middle School

  • Carla Wasnick
  • Colleen Cosgro


Samoset Middle School

  • Kristen Fieger