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school entranceTamarac Elementary School

50 Spence Avenue
Holtsville, N.Y. 11742
Principal: Dr. Brenda Almendarez-De Bello
Principal's Aide: Mrs. Gina Mordente
Principal's Aide for Humanities: Mrs. Allison Walsh
Principal's Aide for STEAM: Mr. Kenneth Kuveke
Phone: (631) 244-5680
Fax: (631) 244-5685
School Hours: 8:45 am -3:15 pm

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In the News

Beautifying Tamarac’s Courtyard

Two pictures of Tamarac Elementary Students outside thumbnail219092
Tamarac Elementary Students outside thumbnail219093
Tamarac Elementary Students outside thumbnail219094
Tamarac Elementary Students outside thumbnail219095
Classes at Tamarac Elementary School are working together to clean up the school grounds. Mrs. Devine’s fourth grade students recently joined forces with Ms. Stack’s first graders to plant a sensory garden. Meanwhile, Mrs. Monaco’s third grade class cleaned up the building’s courtyard.

The sensory garden idea came about during Autism Acceptance Month. Mrs. Devine and Ms. Stack’s classes were looking for different hands-on activities to promote awareness. First, students worked closely with Mrs. Monaco’s third grade classes to clean up the courtyard. The third graders trimmed tree branches and bushes, raked leaves, placed rocks and prepared the soil. The finished product was a beautiful reading garden that gives all Tamarac students the opportunity to enjoy outdoor learning time.

Once the soil was prepared for the sensory garden, Mrs. Devine and Ms. Stack’s classes planted seeds. The garden is designed to provide a calming space for students that stimulate the senses with different textures, scents, sounds and colors. For example, the classes planted grasses, lilacs, lavender, basil, sunflowers, blueberries and raspberries. Students have enjoyed exploring their surroundings at the garden and learning about new things!

Date Added: 6/17/2022

Hatching Classroom Chicks and Ducklings

Students holding the ducklings they hatched thumbnail218830
Ducklings in a box thumbnail218831
Students outside and sitting while holding ducklings thumbnail218832
Students outside around a wading pool with ducklings thumbnail218833
Two students smiling at the camera thumbnail218834
Students at Tamarac Elementary School are engaging in an authentic lesson to learn about the life cycles of chicks and ducklings. Third graders in Ms. Monaco’s class collaborated with Ms. Hagerman’s first graders to hatch chicks and ducklings in their classrooms.

During science, third graders read a book about birds with their first grade book buddies. As a surprise, Ms. Monaco and Ms. Hagerman brought egg incubators into the classroom. Students made observations as the eggs turned in the incubator. They were able to candle the eggs to see the development of the chicks and ducklings. After 21 days in the classroom, the eggs began to hatch. Students were excited to observe the birds grow and interact with them. The experience provided students with an exciting and engaging way to learn about science.

Date Added: 6/13/2022

Circus Arts Program Visits Tamarac Elementary School

Students on Stage Performing thumbnail218171

The O-town Circus Academy brought the “Big Top” to Tamarac’s gymnasium for a week-long residency. The program, sponsored by the Tamarac PTA, began with professional coaches performing a mini-circus assembly designed to thrill and inspire kindergarteners through fifth graders.

Students were introduced to a variety of skills and equipment used in the circus arts, including juggling, plate-spinning, stilt-walking, flower sticks and yo-yos. Tamarac’s physical education teacher, Ms. Clodagh Harte, has been coordinating the program for more than a decade.

“The students always get excited when the circus comes to town,” Ms. Harte said. “The expertise brought by the coaches is exceptional, and the students are delighted to learn from them.”

Throughout the week, the coaches hosted daily workshops where students received instruction and practiced their choice of skills. The circus arts program aligns with the physical education curriculum and offers opportunities for students of all abilities to engage in activities that fall outside the scope of traditional sports.

Circus week concluded with a culminating performance where fifth grade students showed off their talents to an audience of parents, peers and faculty.

Date Added: 6/2/2022

Honoring Our First Responders

Students Honoring First Responders thumbnail217727

The Sachem Central School District is showing its appreciation for the community’s first responders through a number of events. Many of the District’s elementary schools invited first responders to their buildings for celebrations and parades.

Students created posters and cards for police officers and firefighters to show thanks. At Merrimac Elementary School, fifth graders had a question-and-answer session with first responders to gain insight into their day-to-day routines. Nokomis students sang for their special guests, prior to students introducing their family member heroes to the crowd. Waverly held an appreciation breakfast for first responders before students cheered them on at a schoolwide parade. Similarly, Tamarac students participated in a siren parade and presented the First Responders Children’s Foundation with a check for $500.





Date Added: 5/24/2022