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Personnel Office and Human Resources

FMLA - How employees are placed on leave


There are different ways employees can be placed on leaves:

Employee Requests Leave

If an employee believes that they may need a leave of absence under the provisions of the FMLA, they are to write a letter requesting this leave at least 30 days in advance if the leave is foreseeable.  If the leave is not foreseeable, then the employee is to submit the letter as soon as the need is know.  The Personnel Office will provide all the necessary documentation including the FMLA application, health care certification and the guidelines.  Once received, this paperwork must be filled out and immediately returned to the Personnel Office.  The application and supporting documentation will be reviewed and the employee notified if the leave is approved.  It is possible the Personnel Office may contact the employee to inquire or seek additional information.  It is also possible that the Personnel Office may ask the district physician to speak with the employee's health care provider for additional clarity.

District Assigns Leave

If an employee is absent for an excessive amount of time (five consecutive days), the district may require and notify the employee that these days of absence will be under the provisions of FMLA and counted as a FMLA leave.  These leaves may constitute intermittent leaves under the FMLA.