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Private or Parochial School Registration for Transportation

Welcome to Private or Parochial School registration for Transportation.

Eligibility for Transportation

A Sachem resident must live within 15 miles of the school if bussing is to be provided at the Primary level (K-8) and within 25 miles of the school if bussing is to be provided at the High School level. Only secondary schools have late bus service.

We will begin accepting applications for private school transportation in January for the upcoming school year, ahead of the April 1st deadline (as per NYS Law).

We are now using electronic filing for transportation applications. Your application must be completed and submitted before April 1 every year. No late applications will be accepted. It is our recommendation to apply for Transportation even if there is a chance you will not need it. You can cancel the request for transportation if needed later. Keep in mind that an individual form needs to be completed for each child attending a private or parochial school. If you decide to change the school of attendance after completing the application you must notify the Sachem Transportation Department before the April 1st deadline, otherwise it will be processed as a late application. Late Applications will be put on the waiting list for each school. Bussing will only be provided if there is a seat available for the students.

If this is your child’s first time applying for transportation to a Private or Parochial School, you will have to fill out the forms on the link below and email them to

2021-22 Private School Registration Packet

If your child is currently receiving a Sachem CSD provided bus to a Private or Parochial School and your address has not changed please click on this link below and fill out the form. If your address has changed, contact the transportation department for clarification before the April 1st deadline. An e-mail generated receipt will be sent to you stating that your child is registered for transportation. This is the only correspondence you will receive until the last week in August when the parent portal becomes available.

Continuing Transportation Form

Verification of District Residency to Request Textbooks

Verification of District Residency is required each school year to receive textbooks for Private and/or Parochial School students. Please complete this form and fax to the Office of Instructional Support & Assessment. Fax number: (631) 471-8983

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