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Psychological Services

Helping educators and parents better understand a child's learning difficulties and how they interfere with that child's school success is the primary role of a school psychologist.  Psychologists are dedicated to enriching the lives of students, who, for whatever reason, are unable to successfully participate in the academic and social environment of school.  Services to those students from K through 12th grade are enhanced by the vast knowledge of psycho-educational assessment, child development, learning channels, special education programs, social-emotional functioning, behavior management techniques, and counseling strategies at the disposal of the school psychologist.

School psychologists can be mandated members of the Committee on Special Education.   They are responsible for communicating the interpretation of results of specific tests and measurements administered to a child and how those results translate into potential educational needs.  
For those needing in-school counseling services a school psychologist or social worker will meet with students individually or in a group. Counseling can be provided as a mandate of a child's Individual Education Plan (IEP) to those student's at risk or in crisis.   The school psychologist / social worker is a strong advocate for the student in need.   If you believe you know a child who is currently struggling in school and requires the expertise of a school psychologist / social worker, call your school for an appointment.