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Blacklight Café Night

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Sachem High School North art teachers and students transformed the Little Theater into a blacklight art gallery. Each course in the art department created blacklight sensitive projects. The community was invited to view the show on Jan. 19. Families participated in blacklight game, arts and crafts and enjoyed the displays.

Date Added: 1/26/2023

Fourth Graders Dive into Native American Life

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Chippewa Elementary School recently hosted the Journeys Into American Indian Territory for its fourth grade students. The program brings an authentic Native American experience to schools through workshops, exhibitions and interactive experiences.

Throughout the in-house field trip, fourth graders explored all aspects of Native American life. They interacted with artifacts during a museum presentation, played traditional games and listened to stories from the Native American culture, made clay bowls and participated in a workshop focusing on the Haudenosaunee government.

During the workshop, students learned about how laws were made, how leaders were elected to their roles and how voting worked. They were then separated into groups and were given a problem to which they had to agree on a solution to. Students were also asked to vote on a leader from their class.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 1/26/2023

Cayuga Students Kick Off 2023 with ‘One Word’

Students standing in front of a billboard full of
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Student standing in front of
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Students standing in front of
Student standing in front of
Student standing in front of
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Students at Cayuga Elementary School are kicking off 2023 by coming up with “One Word” to lead them throughout the year. The One Word Challenge asks students to think of a single word they want to focus on for 2023. This word will help guide their actions and decision-making.

In this schoolwide activity, students identified a positive word that was meaningful to them. They thought of examples of how it will help them throughout the year and how they can put it into action. Students them created visual representations of their words to be hung in the building’s hallways for all to see. This activity helps students develop a growth mindset and set goals while creating a positive vision for the year ahead.

Date Added: 1/24/2023

Extra, Extra, Read All About it! Merrimac Launches School Paper

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For the first time, Merrimac Elementary School published a building newspaper. The student publication called, Magic Minutes, highlights the happenings within Merrimac Elementary School, as well as features with teachers and staff members. It is created by students in the newspaper club and gives them an opportunity to hone their writing, interview and editing skills.

Please click on the attached PDF to read the first issue of “Magic Minutes.”

Date Added: 1/23/2023


Legislator Caracappa Visits Fifth Graders

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Nick Caracappa speaking with fifth graders thumbnail240222
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Nick Caracappa speaking with fifth graders thumbnail240224
Suffolk County Legislator Nick Caracappa visited fifth graders at Hiawatha Elementary School to speak about community and government. As part of the social studies unit, students have been learning about the different roles of government and Legislator Caracappa’s visit helped students apply what they’ve learned in class.

Throughout the interactive presentation, students asked Legislator Caracappa questions ranging from, “What’s your favorite part of the job?” to “How did you become a legislator?” Mr. Caracappa took time to explain some of the things Suffolk County is doing to protect the environment and encouraged students to be stewards of the community.

Date Added: 1/20/2023