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Sagamore Guidance Department

Guidance Department phone number: 631-696-8600 option 3; Fax: 631-732-1756




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Guidance Staff

6th Grade Counselor

Mr. Dan Zilberstein   

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3


7th Grade Counselor

Ms. Jennifer Jargo

(631) 696 - 8600    Ext. 3


8th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Sabrina Sorrentino 

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3





Mrs. Jennifer DeSena 

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3919


Social Workers

Mrs. Jennifer Romanski     

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3936


Mr. Mario Delisi

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3937


Student Assistance Counselor

Ms. Melissa Bennett 

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3


Guidance Secretary

Mrs. Jane Riker 

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3






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Kids in Seats

Sagamore is NOW participating in the program “Kids in Seats.”

Kids in Seats works directly with schools throughout the United States to provide them with thousands of free tickets throughout the year to major sports and entertainment events. These can include tickets to major league NBA, NHL, MLB sports games, Broadway plays, star-studded concerts and much more. These memorable experiences serve as a valuable incentive in reinforcing positive achievements for our Sagamore students. We are not in control of what tickets are assigned to us.

So How Does It Work? When Sagamore gets notified of free tickets, a message will go out to check your emails. If you are interested in attending the specified event, you must fill out a google form attached to the email. You submit this form for your family’s chance to win. You will be entered into a lottery. Ticket winners will be chosen randomly and give to families. Any other costs for the event such as parking fees or items inside the event, will be the responsibility of the family. We will only provide the actual ticket to be admitted to the event.

Please login to your parent portal account and check that you have an up-to-date email and phone number on file. This is a great opportunity! We hope that this program can provide our Sagamore families with an entertaining and wonderful family night out – all for FREE! Below is their website! Check it out if you want to learn more information about this wonderful organization!

Sagamore Kids In Seats Flyer (en español)

In the News

Solar Eclipse Tips from Sagamore Students

middle school students thumbnail257071
middle school students thumbnail257072

Five students at Sagamore Middle School presented to the Board of Education and administrators about the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8. Maxwell Benimoff, Jack Kelleher, Howard Dickson, Dmytro Vorobets and Nathan Check offered some tips about viewing the eclipse in a safe way.

Leading up to April 8, they sold eclipse glasses to benefit the Sagamore student government.

“With a solar eclipse, if you look at it without the glasses, you could go blind from burning your eye,” said Howard.

Their presentation also explained how traffic could impact safety on April 8, urging others to be extra cautious.

“The amount of traffic on the roads is unsafe. People are distracted, looking up at the eclipse, which plays into the safety of it,” said Jack.

The presentation was part of the students’ Seal of Civic Readiness Project. Due to the district having two additional snow days built into the school calendar that weren’t used, the district has chosen April 8 and May 28 as nonattendance days.

Date Added: 4/5/2024

Sachem Raises Thousands to Support St. Baldrick’s

Students getting haircuts thumbnail256790

The Sachem Central School District is helping the fight against pediatric cancer by supporting the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Several school buildings came together for head-shaving events to raise funds for childhood cancer research, as well as awareness.

Seneca Middle School held its St. Baldrick’s event on March 18. Fourteen students and one teacher volunteered to shave their heads. The building raised nearly $14,300 in their efforts.

At Waverly Elementary School, six students and five adults including parents, Principal Kevin Tougher and school custodian Mr. Nick, shaved their heads during the building’s annual St. Baldrick’s event on March 22. Since 2015, Waverly students and staff have raised nearly $250,000 for the foundation. This year, the building raised more than $5,000 and honored Waverly’s own fifth grader, Justin Olsen. Olsen was diagnosed with a pediatric cancer in 2019 and had his final treatment in May 2021. He is doing incredibly well and was happy to participate in this year’s event.

Sagamore Middle School had nine “shavees” and raised over $10,000. Additionally, the building held a ceremony to honor the shavees and volunteers from all three Sachem Middle Schools.

Samoset Middle School rounded off the St. Baldrick’s Day events in Sachem on April 5. The building held three assemblies for each grade level, showcasing the incredible efforts of students and staff in fundraising for childhood cancer research. 20 students and staff members raised money for the cause, totaling over $16,000.

Click here to view the Samoset photo slideshow.

Click here to view the Sagamore photo slideshow.

Click here to view the Seneca photo slideshow.

Click here to view the Waverly photo slideshow.

Date Added: 4/9/2024

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