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Samoset Middle School


Dr. Georgia Afxendiou, Ph.D. - Principal

Carissa Hagan- Assistant Principal

Christopher Washousky- Assistant Principal

Welcome to Samoset Middle School!

Samoset is one of three middle schools in the Sachem Central School District located on Long Island in New York. Here at Samoset, we pride ourselves on our many opportunities for students. Academic excellence is the key to a successful school career and we value hard work, dedication and determination. Students are encouraged to make the most of their middle school years and are offered various opportunities to find their own special talents and interests in a safe and nurturing environment.

At Samoset, we offer students a well rounded education that focuses on the development of the whole child. Character education begins in the sixth grade and continues throughout the three years that a child attends Samoset. We present many ways for children to demonstrate their ability to “do the right thing” and find that our students truly make us proud on a daily basis. Whether students are donating toys for a toy drive, gathering old blankets and pet supplies for the local animal shelter or collecting loose change to send to the Red Cross in times of disaster, the Samoset students consistently demonstrate good citizenship.

Our performing music groups, whether graded classes or extra curricular ensembles, consistently amaze us with their talent and energy. Concerts and performances are always a special experience and it is incredible to watch the progress of the students as they mature in three years. Our performing music groups participate in local and regional competitions with outstanding results.

Interscholastic sports are available for students in seventh and eighth grade and our teams work and play hard. We were very pleased to have three of our spring season teams recognized for their good sportsmanship. We remind students that they need a sport physical in order to participate and also need the “green card” signed at the change of each season. Intramural sports are available for sixth graders after school on a rotating basis.

Clubs, cultural arts, field trips and special evening events fill our calendar throughout the year and provide our students with many chances to meet new people and become involved in new experiences. We thank our dedicated staff, our PTSA and our parents for making sure that our students are able to make the most of their three years at Samoset.