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Personnel Office and Human Resources

Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants must be certified teachers or teaching assistants from the New York State Education Department.  Teaching assistants are not teacher aides; they are responsible for the co-development and implementation of instructional lesson plans.

Several years ago, the NYSED clarified the responsibilities for aides and teaching assistants.  The link to the left will provide you with direct information from New York State.

Since teaching assistants are certified instructors, there are specific requirements for professional development.  All teaching assistants who possess teaching assistant certification are required to complete “CTLE” hours of professional development every five years. Please review the certification requirements from NYSED. Sachem teaching assistants are required to document their hours of professional development through MLP. It is the responsibility of the certificate holder to provide his/her PDP/CTLE information to NYSED as well as to maintain a valid certification in order to be employed. It is important to constantly communicate with the building principal about professional development; they are required to verify that teaching assistants have participated in professional development.

Anyone interested in becoming a teaching assistant must possess valid teacher and/or teaching assistant certification and must apply on-line. In addition, please be advised that the Personnel Office does not accept paper resumes, emails or faxes due to the volume of interest in this position.