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Happy Thanksgiving, Sachem!

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Thanksgiving festivities took place throughout the Sachem Central School District ahead of the holiday. In addition to the many service projects students engaged in, they also participated in fun activities to get them excited about Thanksgiving.

Many buildings at the elementary level held parades, including Chippewa Elementary School. Chippewa’s annual kindergarten parade has taken place at the school for nearly 20 years and mirrors the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Kindergarten students dressed in costumes and marched through the building with balloons in tow while other grade levels lined the hallways, cheering them on. The kindergartners then moved outside to parade for their families. As tradition goes, special guests Mr. and Mrs. Claus ended the parade to kick off the holiday season.

Other buildings including Lynwood Avenue Elementary School held turkey trots. Kindergarten through second grade students ran a 50-yard dash, while grades three through five ran a half mile. The top three runners from each grade level earned medals and the winner of each grade level was awarded the opportunity to be the Grand Marshalls in the building’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Nov. 23.

Students got a taste of Thanksgiving staples at feasts that were held in some of the district’s buildings. At Waverly Elementary School, ENL students enjoyed a feast that celebrated their cultures and holiday traditions.

No matter the activity, students were eager to celebrate Thanksgiving with their classmates and teachers.

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Date Added: 11/23/2022

Honoring Our Veterans

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Across the Sachem Central School District, students and staff honored veterans through parades, projects and activities. Students learned about the different branches of the U.S. military and how veterans made sacrifices for the country.

Grundy Avenue Elementary School invited local veterans to the building for an annual parade. Students lined the bus loop to cheer and applaud the service men and women as they marched through. After the parade, Grundy Avenue became the scene for a heartwarming reunion between a third grade student and her father, who had previously been deployed. Principal Tom Lipani welcomed U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Anthony Brown back to the Sachem community, surprising his daughter, Victoria Brown, in front of the crowd.

On Nov. 10, other elementary schools in the district, including Lynwood Avenue and Merrimac, hosted local veterans at their buildings. The veterans, who are family members of Sachem students, gathered for a breakfast which was followed by a parade. Students lined the hallways holding American flags and projects they made in honor of the upcoming Veterans Day.

Members of the Interact Club at Sachem High School North honored veterans by writing cards and letters to them. They created the annual Wall of Honor, where students hung photos of veteran graduates while listing their names and branches of military. Additionally, students helped hang flags along the fence outside the high school to pay tribute to their sacrifice and devotion to the country.

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Date Added: 11/14/2022

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Throughout the month of October, the Sachem Central School District supported Breast Cancer Awareness Month through initiatives, activities and fundraisers. Students and staff educated themselves and their school communities about the impact of breast cancer and how to promote awareness.

Grundy Avenue and Tamarac Elementary Schools held their own “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” walks during the school day. Students and staff walked outside of their respective buildings while dressed in pink. The active display of support brought together the school community for a good cause.

At Lynwood Avenue Elementary School, students decorated awareness ribbons to display in the building. The ribbons honor family members and friends who have been affected by breast cancer. Students were excited to create an honor wall as a display of support.

Many buildings held days for students and staff to wear pink. These efforts united the Sachem school community while recognizing an important cause.

Date Added: 11/2/2022

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

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The Sachem Central School District recently celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month across its buildings. Hispanic Heritage Month runs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 and honors the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens who have Hispanic roots.

Many activities and lessons revolving around Hispanic Heritage Month took place across Sachem. For example, many art classes worked on projects inspired by Hispanic artists. At Hiawatha Elementary School, Ms. Patricia Puls’ students reimagined the Mona Lisa after viewing Fernando Botero’s version of the iconic painting and painted butterflies inspired by Lourdes Villagomez. Additionally, fifth graders created geometric animals inspired by the artist, Okuda San Miguel.

Elementary school counselor Mr. Justin Morales led assemblies that recognized the contributions of iconic musicians of Latin culture. At Lynwood Avenue Elementary School, Mr. Morales discussed the impact of artists including Tito Puente, Celia Cruz and Selena. Additionally, he taught students how to salsa dance, with the help of a special guest, Mr. Morales’ mother.

At Tamarac Elementary School, award-winning author Adriana Devers visited students and read one of her stories. During the read aloud, she taught students words in Spanish and embraced the Hispanic culture that influenced her writing.

The Foreign Language Honor Society at Sachem High School North held an event to teach their peers about Hispanic Heritage Month. They created a “live museum,” dressing up and acting as famous Hispanic Americans. Spanish classes walked through the museum, asking questions about each individual.

Students were eager to learn about the Hispanic culture and the many contributions made by Hispanic Americans. The districtwide celebrations embraced diversity and history.

Check out some photos of the celebrations across our buildings below!

Date Added: 10/20/2022