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Samoset Middle School

Goal Setting

As Samoset’s Guidance Counselors, one of our main concerns is ensuring that your child is equipped with the skills necessary for achieving success – both in school and in everyday life. One way this can be accomplished is by helping students develop a sense of self-motivation. Self-motivated individuals generally have a clear idea of where they are headed – a purpose in life. Establishing goals helps to move these individuals along the road to achieving success. Yet students often find goal-setting a difficult task because they are not familiar with the goal-setting process.

Through the Naviance program, Samoset students participate in a goal setting activity and clearly define an academic goal for this school year and a long term goal.

With the assistance of their counselor, students identifiy and set an academic goal of their own and determine the steps necessary to demonstrate how their goal will be accomplished. It is intended that the students succeed in attaining their goal prior to the end of the year and some goals may require parental assistance. Therefore, goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (otherwise known as SMART goals).

It is up to the student to work both inside and outside of school to accomplish their stated goal. Many resources, such as counselors, teachers and other school staff, are available to help your child succeed in middle school. It is our hope that each child will receive additional support from home to achieve his/her academic goal for this year. While this goal-setting activity will not be a graded activity, each student is expected to accomplish at least one goal by the end of the year.

We would like to thank you in advance for your assistance and support with this activity. Parents may log onto Naviance from home to view student goals.We expect it to be a positive experience for everyone involved! Please feel free to contact your child’s Guidance Counselor via phone at 631-471-1700 Ext 3 or email with any questions or concerns.

Samoset’s Guidance Department