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Samoset Middle School

Homework Help

Homework is not Horrible!

Many students and families struggle with homework.  It is such an important part of learning, and yet it is often forgotten or simply dismissed.  Homework is part of the student's final grades and can really bring down a student's average if not taken seriously and done consistently.
 The best way to motivate kids to do their homework
is to help them understand why it is necessary.

Here are a few good reasons for doing homework:

  • It helps children practice skills that they haven't fully learned yet and it acts as review for the skills that they have learned.
  • It gives the children a chance to finish up tasks that couldn't be done during school hours.
  • It helps kids learn and grow.

Homework needs to become a habit for kids. Setting up a few parameters can really
make all the difference in homework success.
Here are a few great tips about doing homework from the book: "How To Do Homework Without Throwing Up"
Written and illustrated by: Trevor Remain

  • Do your homework in the some place every time. Make sure it's a quiet place with the TV off.
  • Eat a meal or light snack before doing your homework.
  • Do the hardest assignment first.
  • Find a homework helper, if you need one. This can be a good friend, a classmate, or a parent. (Your goldfish cannot be a homework helper.)
  • Ask your teacher for help when you need it. (TIP: Do this while you're still at school. Desperately telephoning your teacher at midnight is NOT a good idea.)
  • Ask your family to respect your homework time. If you want, put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your door (or on your forehead).
  • Take little breaks during your homework time. Stand up and stretch, get a drink of water or an energizing snack, or do ten jumping jacks—whatever keeps you going.


Homework can't be avoided, so it's important to make it a part of your day.  Good luck and remember:  Those who hand it in...  Always win!!!