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Staff Directory

Sagamore Middle School

(631-696-8600 ext. 3900)

Assistant Principals
(631-696-8600 Ext. 3905)
(631-696-8600 ext. 3908)

Faculty (Teaching Staff)
6th Grade Teachers

(Math and Science)
(Social Studies)

(English )

(Social Studies)




English Chairperson
(631-696-8600 Ext. 3920)

English Teachers Grades 7 and 8

ENL: English as a New Language

Family and Consumer Science

((631) 696-8600 ext.)
((631) 696-8600 Ext. 3914 )

((631) 696-8600 Ext. 3915)

Health Teachers


Library Media Specialist

LOTE: Languages Other Than English


Math Chairperson

((631) 696-8600, ext. 3949/Fax: (631) 696-8647)
((631) 696-8600, ext. 3949/Fax: (631) 696-8647)

Occupational Therapy

Permanent Substitutes

Physical Therapy

((631) 696-8600 Ext. 3937)


Science Chairperson
(Ext. 3934)

Science Teachers Grade 7 and 8

Social Studies Chairperson
(Ext. 3921)

Social Studies Teachers Grades 7 and 8

Social Worker
((631) 696-8600 Ext. 3936)

Special Education Chairperson
(631-696-8600 Ext. 3922)

Special Education Teachers
(Health, social studies)

(6th grade science (ICT and 15:1))

(7th grade science (15:1))

(English 7)

(8th grade science (ICT and 15:1))

Speech Therapists

Student Assistance Counselor
(631-696-8600 Ext.4816)

Teaching Assistants


Sagamore Staff
Cafeteria Staff

Clerical Staff
(Main Office)
(Guidance Office)

(Main Office)

Custodial Staff

(Head Custodian)

Hall Monitors

Individual Aides

Security Personnel

Technology Aide

Our Schools/Buildings

Cayuga Elementary School
Chippewa Elementary School
Grundy Avenue Elementary School
Hiawatha Elementary School
Lynwood Avenue Elementary School
Merrimac Elementary School
Nokomis Elementary School
Sachem East High School
Sachem North High School
Sagamore Middle School
Samoset Middle School
Seneca Middle School
Tamarac Elementary School
Waverly Elementary School
Wenonah Elementary School